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Turn your talents and interests into a profession.

The event management and wedding planning industry has many facets, from business conferences to banquets, product launches to planning weddings. Events management is a field where you will find plenty of variety. No two days are the same. The Intentional Career Institute will show you how to successfully plan and manage such events. Make profitable decisions, learn how to effectively manage clients, and learn the secrets of this industry. Work opportunities will typically be either be through employment or running your own business.

You will enjoy coming up with your own creative ideas and planning small to major events. You will be the centre of attention tasked with building strong client relationships and work with dozens of vendors who will all be vying for your business. Most importantly our courses will teach you essential tips and tricks to ensure success which would have otherwise taken years to learn through trial and error.

The public relations and journalism professions continue to be a much sought-after career path. A considerable shift has occurred from traditional print media to online PR and journalism. Traditional print media has witnessed a decline of rapid proportions. However, with the rise of digital media, writers, journalists and public relations professionals are being sought-after more than ever before. PR and journalism careers are here to stay. Only, this time around, it will be easier to enter and more accessible to everyone. It is an exciting profession that is ideal for those with a flair for words.

Career outcomes

Just about every large organization has a message to communicate. Public relations and journalism professionals are needed by everyone ranging from news outlets and internal marketing departments to governments and small businesses. Typical job titles include: