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Educating, mentoring and linguistics are considered to be one of the most noble, respected and rewarding professions. They are all professions the International Career Institute is pleased to have developed training for. ICI offers online courses in:

When it comes to education the career opportunities are endless. You can become a teacher’s assistant/aide first and see how you like the work environment. If you think you want to grow further, enrol into a degree at university and become a full-fledged teacher later on. Many graduates are very happy to stay on in full or part-time roles as a teacher’s assistant/aide.

If you love children working as a nanny could be a wonderful opportunity. In most cases, you will be working independently on your terms and at your preferred rates for clients and children which you only wish to work with. Many national and international travel/work opportunities exist for affluent families who regularly seek international nannies (Australia, UK, NZ, France and USA).

TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a much sought after qualification which will enable you to teach English abroad at English language schools. Most students combine TESOL training with an opportunity to live abroad and be paid for teaching English for locals.